Monday, October 26, 2009

Somebody from My Past

What For?

Browsing, cleaning and throwing away stuff from my old work, I happened to run by some letters written by moi

I guess this was the time the quitting bug bit me. Even though my boss would assure of me a job well done, I was not satisfied with work. It became routinary, calling applicants scheduling them for interviews, organizing their training materials, welcoming them to the company and performing the first day of training, that type of shine. Every day when I wake up, I felt lazy to report to the office.

I wanted more out of it but then i couldn't give it more.

I just wasn't happy.

The Unemployment rate here in the Philippines is on an all time high. but before you decide on anything, think about it first. What does this job that I am about to accept has to offer. It is after all a two way street. You are doing your part and the company is doing his. You will be spending most of your hours at the office. Would you rather sit in a chair and type in front of a computer all day? Would you prefer selling high-end condominiums? Is this the really the career you want to get into?

My one-year stint at Megaworld somehow made me realize this. We were offering jobs to people, but then there were some, who after the interview, would refuse it. They did not want to to tackle the life that was being offered to them. Think about the pros and cons.

Date: February 13, 2009
Time: 9:37 am

to: Somebody in my future
subject: what for?

Here I am again asking myself what is the point of all that I am doing? Today, I am supposed to edit the EJDP workbook and proposal letter so that our company's property consultants can have their facts rights. So that clients will be pleased, but what for? dos it make help the go round? Does it ensure a better future? Does it provide for us a greener earth or even an accessible technology? What is the point of all this that I am doing? I know that condos help save space and real estate is a good investment, I've already underlined what will come out of my job. but the satisfaction that comes with it, thats' what I am missing. The joy that you've done something, that's what I am searching for. I don;t know where to look, I guess I should first start with me. Particulary because......................................

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Cy said...

Right, right. Anyone who is not happy with his or her job and is practically dragging heels just to get to work should quit.

It's just so depressing and I know.