Sunday, September 04, 2011

Colombiana (Review)

A young girl, Cataleya ,who once wanted to be like Xena, warrior princess has a change of dream to a killer when she witnesses her father and mother murdered. Zoe Saldana played this role beautifully. I always thought that she is African-American. Then Cataleya is Colombian which got me to thinking what her ethnicity really might be. It turns out she's perfect to play a Latin American. Her dad is Dominican while her mom is Puerto Rican. All throughout Zoe oozes charm with minimal makeup (just dark eyeshadow) and her natural beauty stands out.

This isn't your usual hitman for hire movie. The trauma of how Cataleya could not live to get close to any body even her boyfriend (played by Michael Vartan) was shown. Michael Vartan's age is also evident (although probably not intended), as the guy isn't as hot as before (Monster-in-Law, Alias).

Cataleya, seeks the help of the US embassy in Columbia so that she gets her passport to the US. After reaching the US, Little Cataleya escapes the authority to her uncle in Chicago, and then grows up to be stone called assassin. The movie is filled with action sequences, that is played beautifully Although the last gun shooting scenes lacked impact. where and then out of nowhere was Cataleya in the back. The fight scenes and assassination sequence were better though. Inside a jail, she had to kill a conman eluding the police guards and the camera. Plus, she did not only use guns to kill. She used her wit, sharks to kill her prey.

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