Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Like You (review)

Nope this is not a review of Adele's famous song, which I love by the way, but of a movie released in 2001 with the same title that stars Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear and Hugh Jackman.

It is not just about the usual romance, nor the comedy, but what we get from the plot. I believe some of us know of it already, but often times we needed to be reminded.

You would think that Jane Goodale (Judd) has everything going for her. She is a talent scout in a popular talk show which has recently gone nationwide and their new dashing executive producer, Rey (Kinnear) has her asked out. What makes her life more unbelievable is that Rey has said I love you only after six weeks, and has asked her to play house with him.

After picking out the right apartment, wanting to sign the contracts and having her current place rerented, Rey suddenly backs out, not answering any of Jane's calls

Enter womanizing colleague Eddie, who had asked Jane once before if she would think about being his roommate, and there right in front of Rey, Jane says she will move in with Eddie.

Jane then now has a new place to live, and also a hobby to pursue on which is why men are the way they are. Apparantly, less than five pecernt of the male species are monogamous. And she also come up with a theory called the new cow. A bull makes love to a cow only once. Even if that cow's smell may change, the bull knows who that is.

Her bestfriend Liz turns this hobby in to a living by proposing she becomes a columnist in the men's magazine that she is working for. Jane then becomes an overnight sensation, with the penname Dr. Charles.

Not knowing of her journalistic success, Rey tries to make peace with her.

Jane is a cynic, and with all her cynic ways she then finds out that not all men are alike. As clicheish as it may sound. You can find the nicest guy in the unexpected places---like in a hospital room, telling his wife how beautiful she is even after an accident.

I did get to watch this great film in the movie house and I have it on VCD. I recommended it on my friend who is still hung of on her ex, and I do hope that she did get to learn a thing or two from this flick.


kc said...

It was based on Laura Zigman's novel, Animal Husbandry.

Also Greg K. < Hugh J. no question about it!

anae said...

yup, thanks for that info, now I can't wait to get my hands on that book. :) in some parts it was also known as Animal instinct,