Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Forget My Fries Not

Fast food is everybody's go to food stop anytime that they are hungry and could not decide what food to eat. So, I guess it is only right for me to commend these establishments which have been working on their customer service.

Earlier on during the day, I met my friend Ms. Lulu at a Jollibee near our house. Sitting waiting for me, she was already done eating. But before I can take a seat next to her she diverted my attention towards a piece of paper on her table. Apparantly it was a survey form of the fast food chain aimed at improving their services. However, Lulu did not want to answer it as it contained personal information such as: Saan ka nangaling? Saan ka pupunta? How is my answers going to improve their services, she asked. Well, I thought it was more a marketing survey for the company to know what type of market are they catering to. Somehow the answers would lead for the comapny to find out about its customer's financial situation. Still, she refused, leaving it unanswered and gave back the paper to the one in charge when he checked on her.

Also, during the day, my mother was surprisingly asking me if I wanted some burger mc do. Of course, yes. I also loved the cheeseburger, I mean who wouldn't as my brother did say Mc Do's cheese burger is the best. Apart from the cheese, it has pickles on it. But, this is not about the cheeseburger. Why of all a sudden would my mom ask all us if we wanted some McDo?

Apparently, she's going to send my little sister on an errand at this fast food joint. My sister is not just going to buy us food, she's going to pick up something which is some forgotten fries.My mom went to Mc Do , yesterday or the day before that, and had her meal upsized. According to her she asked the girl for some extra ketchup, which the girl said, meron na daw. Link
The girl may not have forgotten this condiment, but she sure did forget my mother's fries. So my mom called up the customer service( not 8mcdo), the number found in the receipt and reported the incident.

The Customer Service Assistance was very apologetic about the situation, as my mom said they even offered to have that certain fries delivered. But, as you know my sister picked it up.

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