Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work Hard, party harder

by Ana Valenzuela

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work, your judgment will be surer.” Studies and surveys show that productivity level of employees increase when they return to their jobs after enjoying time off—be it a simple dinner with the family or meeting friends after office hours.

However, most people do not get the chance to recharge and bond with their loved ones. They sometimes have to render overtime, often blaming the bosses who would first put into consideration petty stuff or staff members who always seem to have excuses. But, are you sure you should be blaming your bosses and employees and not the machines you use at work?

Canon recently launched a new range of business solutions designed to make work simpler, thus achieving a better work-life balance.

“What we’re trying to give our consumers and users is a balance in the work life,” says Jose Abelardo Bolima, director of Canon‘s business imaging solutions group during Canon’s latest press launch held at White Space.

“When people are stressed, they can't give quality time for family and friends. With this kind of automation in your office, it cuts your work time.’’

“Usually, there is a lot of overtime in the workplace because the work has not yet been done, but with the new automatic system, it saves a lot of money and increases the productivity of the people. You become more efficient and productive without really suffering,” he shares.

The automation that Bolima speaks about is Canon’s Business Imaging Solutions which are technologically-advanced machines designed to enhance an organization’s manpower efficiency and productivity, which, in turn would improve both the company’s revenue without sacrificing employee satisfaction.

Canon’s Business Imaging Solutions has four product groups to fit the company’s requirements; these include multifunction copiers, laser multifunction and single-function printers, imaging managing systems, and production and graphic arts.

As every company has different needs, Canon sets out to visit the offices to do an in-depth analysis of the workload and recommend what systems would help save cost and increase productivity.

One of these products is the image ClassMF8350. This is a cost effective print, copy, scan and fax machine that is already network ready. It can surely save time at the office as it prints page at eight seconds per page, and fax documents at three seconds per page. Another would be the image PRESS C7010Vp which produces exceptional image quality.

“As we install every machine to client’s premises, we conduct end-user training for several employees to properly orient them on proper usage, basic troubleshooting and other canon solution features that would help them in their daily grind. All these are for free,” says Tin Dolovino, assistant manager for marketing of Canon‘s business imaging solutions

Bolima stresses that Canon’s new devices would surely assist companies, even those who are into cloud computing. “Integrators who are offering services through the web like Google apps among others, this kind of solution is the in thing now, as it helps save a lot of money especially for the SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and even for the big companies. With cloud computing, you have to put up your system in the net and access it through our machines, meaning you can access your files from the copier, you don’t need another computer connected to the internet and print it from our machine,” he says. “You can never equate it with value, because what we are selling is work efficiency.”

Canon Marketing (Philippines) president and chief executive officer Alan Chng adds, “More than just high quality equipment, Canon’s advanced simplicity transforms the way people work in order to create more leisure time for a healthier, more productive workforce, which translates to productivity.”

Now, there is no need for overtime, as you are using top of the line machines that seem to multitask like you. The only thing you need to do is clock off and unwind.

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