Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Day (Review)

This is the story of a boy and a girl, Dexter and Emma, who after graduation met, had an intimate time, but then decided to be friends, or to be more exact the best of friends. Scenes are shown through out the film centering on the improvement or the pitfalls of the two leads in one day (July 15th) for every year since that day they met.

Since the poster clearly suggests it to be a romance, me as an audience would always wonder when would they get together? Would it be when they vacationed, just the two of them? They went skinny-dipping. Would it be when Dex's (Jim Sturgess) career hit a snag?
When the two leads do get together, it somehow made me think that it is for ever after. Well, that's what my friend thought and she quickly commented," that's it, corny."
But then, it does not end with the big kiss. All there is a foreshadowing of things to come, but still an awfully big surprise of how things end up with Emma (Anne Hathaway, who played the part British).

I guess somehow, the movie gave me a few realizations of my own, that cliche-sh time is gold. Apparently, love does figure in that age old saying. No one wants to be lonely, maybe that's why sometimes we pretend to be happy--with ourselves, or even with someone. But the at the end of it, we are yearning for something else. You may never know it, but the one who's meant for you maybe your bestfriend and you might be taking him or her for granted.

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